Take a Break


The economic situation in Palestine is in a direction of downward swirl. There’s like this ongoing muttering trend in Ramallah (Palestine), well if the economic situation is so bad why are all the restaurants and cafes so full?! In my personal opinion it has nothing to do with the financial power of a person or the social level he or she belongs to, it’s all about empty social lives, long working hours and limited options one could do in so little time. I mean in this life it’s all about work and work, money and money, how is one supposed to let off a little steam?

The Arab person’s mind automatically flies to the idea that these people are so different, that these people are living their lives, doing what they want to do within this bad economic situation. Does it even occur that the Palestinian people are so isolated, choking within four walls? Does it even occur that the thinkable choice of going out to a cafe or restaurant is just a breather to get some air in even if we have no excess money?

I’m not saying people shouldn’t feel with other less fortunate people, but let’s face the reality, the Palestinian people are all less fortunate, those with financial problems, those with no jobs, those who are depressed, those who are jailed within the borders and so on.

So let’s give each other a break, no one knows what’s behind closed doors. It takes you and only you to change what you are in and make better your chances.

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At the End, it Comes Down to…

We all search for our purpose in life, our main goal, what we are meant to do and who we are supposed to be. No matter how achieved you are in your career, the degrees in education you have obtained, the number of friends and family members around you, at the end it comes down to that one and only special person with whom all your achievements, success and failures become meaningful.

The human is a funny living creature and by that I mean no matter what he does, where he goes, he cannot appreciate the blessings he has alone and as they say “money can’t buy happiness”. He can definitely share his happy and sad moments with family and friends but personally I think one keeps looking around, searching for that person who if he shares these same moments with would mean oh so much more.

This “ONE” (corny movie term) somehow adds more value and appreciation to every moment; may it be significant or not.


If you still haven’t found your ONE, no worries and don’t rush. This “ONE” comes to you unexpectedly and only needs a step of faith and strength. Just let go, be who you are so you can be loved as who you are and not as someone else wants you to be.

P.S. Watch the uploaded animation short film above “Paper Man” and you’ll get what I mean 🙂

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Your Roots and the Place You Belong to

Who said that you can only be from one place? That who you are is based solely from where you are from? I mean we as Palestinians are automatically born to be overprotective of our country, our cities and home towns. The famous vibe is as a Palestinian I need to be tied to every stone every tree and every piece of land. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a type of unconditional love which you should have for your country.

If you have been born and raised in another country, other than your origin, an inevitable strong bond is built which can be considered as a lifeline your mind can go back to whenever it wishes.

I was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA and lived there for nearly 11 years. I came back to Palestine in 1997 and I can still remember every detail of my life there. I can still smell delicious hot waffles with syrup drizzled in zigzagged lines, taste juicy strawberries my mother grew in her garden, feel the wind through my hair while swinging in our backyard. I can still remember picking beautiful yellow dandelions from our front yard, the school bus picking me up oh so early in the morning, the next door neighbor’s dog chasing after me while skating!

Things I also remember and miss are the busy streets and busy life of New York City, the Empire State Building, the Twin Towers, NYC Arab restaurants and the subways!


I know what still tie me to NYC are my childhood memories, the smallest details which if an adult now thinks about would pay no attention to and regard as trivial. But these insignificant events are what triggered who I am today and consequently built my love for NYC. For that I am grateful.

Memories are a person’s treasure; they are part of who you have become and who you will be. Even though you can be from one country and born in another, I believe your heart can save both places and share the love regardless of political events and religious views.

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